ReleasesAnnotely releases timeline

  • Released 15 hours ago at 28/08/2022

    Fix bug added while hunting bugs βš”οΈ

  • Released 17 hours ago at 28/08/2022

    The bug hunt continues πŸ› βš”οΈ

    fix πŸ“± sharing on mobile browsers to handle permissions and share cancelation

  • Released 2 days ago at 26/08/2022

    The bug hunt continues πŸ› βš”οΈ

    fix: detect if IndexedDB is not available to prevent Firebase crash - (this is a case for Firebase running in private mode)
    fix: exporting multipage project to HD

  • Released 3 days ago at 25/08/2022

    The bug hunt continues πŸ› βš”οΈ

    2nd attempt to fix text editing errors
    added some more logs to track down other outstanding errors

  • Released 6 days ago at 23/08/2022

    The bug hunt continues πŸ› βš”οΈ

    fix run time errors when starting on mobile
    fix error when path drawing is canceled with escape
    fix error on polyline occasionally missing boundary box

  • Released 7 days ago at 22/08/2022

    The bug hunt has began πŸ› βš”οΈ

    • fix run time errors related to text field editing and multi line marker
    • fix invalid note background for wide text fields
  • Released 8 days ago at 21/08/2022

    πŸ› Bug tracker integration added
    🐎 Updated performance and UI redrawing

  • Released 2 months ago at 07/07/2022

    πŸ”₯ Note marker added

    Extends standard text marker adding a background and pointing tail. Note marker is similar to 'speech cloud' object.


  • Released 3 months ago at 07/06/2022

    • πŸ› fix mouse scroll zoom and position features
    • πŸ†• position markers using keyboard keys (desktop)
    • πŸ†• speeds up adding text annotations i.e.
      • select text marker after inserting it
      • start editing selected text marker when keyboard key is pressed - don't need to double click on the text marker
    • πŸ†• customisable colors palette


  • Released 3 months ago at 17/05/2022

    • Bugfix release - unable to export image if cropped πŸ›
  • Released 4 months ago at 08/05/2022

    • πŸ†• Allow toolbar to be placed on top

    • πŸ†• Optional pin value persistency

    • πŸ› Fix issues with size changes for pins

    • πŸ› Better bugs handling on image paste / download

    • πŸ†• Adds application settings


  • Released 4 months ago at 29/04/2022

    Released on domain !

    • multiple page support πŸŽ‰
    • new preview
    • s3 integration
  • Released 5 months ago at 22/03/2022

    Bugfixes and object locking

    • fix text size/color changes while editing
    • fix invalid text sizing (+ increase sizes)
    • introduce side marker menu
    • new feature - object locking - its not possible to move/transform locked object
  • Released 6 months ago at 11/03/2022

    • monorepo with alpha version of app webpage
    • small feature - add custom colors 🎨
  • Released 6 months ago at 06/03/2022

    • change Twitter handle to @Annotely
    • add download format picker (request) πŸ”₯
  • Released 6 months ago at 05/03/2022

    Small update and fixes

    • fix missing tools scroll on smaller screens
    • add drag&drop images support when editing project - (reset project)
    • fix calculating default marker size which should be based on image size
  • Released 6 months ago at 01/03/2022

    Publish to platform

    • modifies config management - load remote config on start and set as current (bug)
    • fix downloading images and image restoring (bugs)
    • restores analytics events removed after adding firebase (bug)
    • add publish platform picker - with only annotely working others just to gather feedback πŸ§ͺ


  • Released 6 months ago at 28/02/2022

    πŸ’― Zoom and minimap view


  • Released 6 months ago at 17/02/2022

    • migrate to redux-dropzone
    • multipage support (disabled on release)
    • persist selected tool/color/size between annotated images
    • new tool - numbered pin
    • πŸ”₯ :feelsgood:
  • Released 7 months ago at 07/02/2022

    Better copy, minor fixes and feedback form on mobile πŸ™ƒ

  • Released 7 months ago at 06/02/2022

    Fix missed production RTEs

  • Released 7 months ago at 06/02/2022


    • firebase RemoteConfig
    • in editor feedback form
  • This release included

    • blur on top of pixelation
    • pixelation optimisations
    • guard for invalid createImageBitmap on Safari - ignore its existance
    • guard for invalid createImageBitmap on Firefox - detects invalid behaviour (see
  • Released 7 months ago at 27/01/2022

    • Optimized css (removed extra spectrum css)
    • better dark mode
    • new brand color
    • better pointer detection on mobile
  • Released 7 months ago at 26/01/2022

    Release with better web mobile application mode. Only a basic support for mobile (no color) but already usable. Release also includes minor fixes.

  • Released 7 months ago at 20/01/2022

    This is an initial release with new react based editor.

  • Released 3 years ago at 29/08/2019

    this is a in-progress migration to js with paper.js

  • Released 4 years ago at 24/09/2018

    Old code imported from hd.

  • Released 12 years ago at 21/07/2010

    First public release

  • Released 13 years ago at 17/01/2010

    First ever recorded screenshot of the first version.

    Shared with my friends asking for feedback back in 2010

    This version was created with Adobe Flex and was running on Flash Player.

    Since the idea was born it was called Szoter

    Annotely first ever UI screenshot